xrweb.network's provided "One Pager" lists a scam-ex.?

By Clark Owen


Don't want to jump to conclusions about xrweb, but whether the xrweb team knows it or not, p2pb2b is (as far as I am aware) the newest rebranding of a cryptocurrency exchange group, known for faking volume, userbase-quantity, liquidity, and specifically ripping off crypto-projects by seeking them out and offering a listing for some sort of fee. Their telegram sales-representatives use fake profile pictures, and aggressively demand that people pay for a project listing on their site, even when they are denied by the projects that they had been the ones to seek out in the first place.

I'm wondering if this was a mistake that that had not yet been corrected on the One Pager Document, or if they are still convinced that p2pb2b is a legitimate company.



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