Sprint Review #2 - product update


This is the second Sprint Review (Sprint Review #1 ) which explains what Amplify team has been working on within the last development iteration. The goal of this iteration was to build an interface for supplier aggregators (SA) to apply for a loan. Within the loan application process, SA needs to perform a due diligence process over suppliers and buyers. Further, these loan applications must be reviewed and approved by the factoring company (Factor).

In short, the following features were introduced (the full video presentation is available below):

RolesUse-caseCompletion status
SACreate loan applicationCompleted ✅
SAView all loan applications and their statusCompleted ✅
SAView detailed information about loan applicationCompleted ✅
SACreate contactsCompleted ✅
SAView all created contactsCompleted ✅
FactorView the loan applications created by SA and their statusCompleted ✅
FactorApprove or reject loan applicationCompleted ✅

Sprint Review video presentation

Share your thoughts or ask any questions in comments or drop us an email at product@ampt.tech

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