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This is our Sprint Review #5 . And in the below video we explain what the Amplify team has been working on. In general, the goals of this development iteration were to integrate with Velas blockchain and provide an interface for liquidity providers to view earning opportunities .

The following features were introduced (the full video presentation is available below):

Role Use-case Completion status
Factoring company Tokenize assets, create pools, and borrow stablecoins on Velas network Completed ✅
Factoring company Switch between Velas (default) and Matic networks Completed ✅
Liquidity provider View all pools created by factoring company Completed ✅
Liquidity provider View all assets that are locked in the pools Completed ✅
Liquidity provider Deposit stablecoins in the pool In progress ⏳
Liquidity provider Withdraw stablecoins from the pool In progress ⏳
Liquidity provider Earn interest from deposits and collect it In progress ⏳

Sprint Review video presentation

Share your thoughts in comments or drop us an email at product@ampt.tech

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