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Watch together with us how Belifex New Product BeliPay start to unveil itself. Now what is exactly BeliPay? BeliPay is the payment gateway/processor from Belifex. It makes the owners of websites and webshops possible to accept payment in Belifex (BEFX), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) more will be added. Every payment done requires an 0.02 ETH transaction fee. The most important difference between belipay and other payment gateways is that on our website there is no need to sign and login and if you pay with belifex, you won't pay any gateway fee

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Congrats guys! Looks straight forward. The customization part - glad to see it. Does the transaction fee (0.02 ETH) remains the same regardless of the transaction amount and regardless of the market price? ETH has been pumping lately so it might get expensive until we get ETH 2.0.

What about the Gas fees, who covers them?