ELI5: What makes FunFair provably fair?

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I am not one to really gamble online, precisely because of trust issues. When FunFair says it has guaranteed fairness because of the blockchain, I sort of understand it means there is some transparency compared to a non-blockchain solution, but ... what does that mean practically for the users? How is the fariness proved to them?

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This is a good question. If the user has to look himself under the hood, this is suboptimal for non-technicians.



Did you check their website?

Guaranteed Fair is our terminology for the benefits our technology provides to the player. For too long, ‘provably fair’ has been used as a term by those that we feel don’t offer it. Guaranteed Fair demonstrates how we go above and beyond in offering players the fair treatment at every step of the casino journey, and it consists of three key parts:
Guaranteed random numbers The FunFair platform combines both yours and the casino’s random numbers before gaming commences. This ensures the merged chain of randomness cannot be affected as a whole, allowing for guaranteed, legitimate game outcomes that can only be random and play out simultaneously to both house and player. Payment peace of mind With house and player funds held in escrow for the entirety of the game session, you can be sure that your winnings will be covered in full and paid out directly to you as soon as you close the game. No need to trust the casino, this is done by design.
Complete neutrality No need to worry about house bias and control, we’re giving the player the power back. All game disputes are verified in a decentralised manner and not by any individual. If the house tries to cheat or something goes wrong, the blockchain will know and reward the innocent party.

I agree it's not crazy details but I think it makes sense. No?

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