Binance clone app

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Binance clone app

Being up-to-date in the business world is one of the most important factors of progress. As a result, in the digital world, where smartphones are like a member of our family or an employee, or even in more advanced stages, they are our employer, it is easier to do everything with them and it does not waste our time and money.

Applications are the leading bridge from the real world to the digital world. Today, currency trading in the digital world also depends on these small colored symbols, each of which is a door to another world.

Binance Clone App is a small world for currency trading and it is available on all devices and all operating systems and its features are similar to Binance Exchange to offer you a safe transaction.

You can get the Binance Crypto clone app from the developers.

These clone programs have advanced features that are all designed to provide the best service to traders.

White Label Binance Clone App

Binance clone App is a white label digital currency clone software of Binance exchange.

This encrypted clone application has all the advanced and specialized features of Binance and has been fully developed and tested.

With this Binance encrypted software, you can attract many trades and increase your profit.

In the meantime, you can provide better services and create different sources of income.

Based on the customization feature, you can add better features to your software and change it according to your business.

Binance clone app features

Multilingual support: In order to be able to present your platform to the world and traders in different languages, Binance clone softwares support multiple languages ​​so that traders can trade in their own language more easily and quickly.

Integrate digital currency wallets in smartphones: You can allow your users to use multiple wallets at the same time and keep their currencies in any of them.

Sustainable Security: Security is very important for traders and proper cloning app should have advanced security layers so that traders can trade safely in your Binance clone app.

Covered devices: An application clone must have different versions and be provided for all devices, including Android, iOS, mobile web, Windows, mac.

Transaction History Backup: Traders need documentation to trust your clone app, and if they can see past transaction history, it will definitely affect their opinion of your app.

Multiple Payment Integration: Choose a Binance clone app that allows your traders to use multiple payment methods at the same time instead of one payment method.

Fingerprint access: Fingerprint authentication secures your users' accounts and only they can log in to their account and their account information is protected.

Real-time trading updates: Your traders need to see the value of currencies updated at all times so they can more easily decide which currencies to buy and which to sell.

Two-step authentication: This is a feature to prove the authenticity of users, which brings security to a high level.

Trade Match Engine: The powerful Trade Match engine is developed using a special algorithm. Offers various orders such as market order, limited order, stop order and limited stop order.



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