Features of Poloniex Clone software

Features of Poloniex Clone software development company


Poloniex is the most popular crypto exchange platform in the world. Poloniex clone script offers a reliable, and proven cryptocurrency exchange platform script which can be used to build a crypto exchange like Poloniex. <b><a href=" https://thecryptoape.com/poloniex-clone-script/">Poloniex clone software</a></b> supports over 60+ cryptocurrencies across the globe and has a low transaction price.

<b>Few of the key-features of the Poloniex clone exchange is listed below:</b>

  • <b>Simple and secured User registration </b>- The user can then proceed to the next phase of their trading by sending their data to the account once they have verified their name, phone number, and other personal information.
  • <b>Deposit Fund</b> - Until funds are deposited in your account, you cannot trade or lend. Poloniex clones only accept crypto deposits, which means you must have a bitcoin wallet, a third party, or an alternative source of funds to deposit.
  • <b>In-build Wallet option</b> - A user may use three wallets per asset. (For example, exchange wallets are used to trade, lending wallets are used to lend interest on margin trades, and margin wallets are used to borrow interest on margin trades.
  • <b>Margin Lending</b> - In return for regular interest, this service allows you to lend your assets to margin traders.
  • <b>Margin Trading</b> - It is an investment technique in which other people's money is used. Margin traders can borrow your assets through the Lending option and you will receive interest on your loans.
  • <b>Complete Tracking History</b> - With our Poloniex clone script, we track each transaction extensively. Two options are available to you for checking your withdrawal and deposit history, only deposit history and only withdrawal history.

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms on the market is Poloniex's clone software which comes with many salient features, including the above-mentioned technical tools. A crypto exchange platform like Poloniex would fit your needs. You can reach us for a highly secured trading platform that can be used by users worldwide based on the poloniex clone software.

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Poloniex Clone Script

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