How a trader can have Coinbase clone script?

Design an exchange for your traders so that it has the features they and you want and can meet your business needs.

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Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase clone Script is a clone platform of Coinbase where Coinbase features can be searched and all its functions are delivered to users. This exchange can support all Coinbase features and provide you with additional features.

This clone script follows advanced blockchain technology and stores data in blocks. The security of your traders in this exchange can reach a high level.

Coinbase Clone Script is a peer-to-peer platform and there are no third parties between traders, simplifying trust. It is decentralized and does not belong to any group or organization, and this removes a series of location restrictions.

You can get your developed Coinbase from developer companies. Blockchain development companies are not few in number, but you should see which one of them can give you the exchange of your choice.

Your platform should be able to provide you with various trading and customization features that will allow you to run a profitable business.

This clone script charges a decent fee per transaction and the average profit is high. Users who have already used your Coinbase clone script can confirm this. For this reason, the demand for its use will increase. Users' approval does not need to be direct, the fact that the volume of transactions of your exchange is increasing day by day is a confirmation of the good nature of your exchange.

This developed software supports digital and fiat currencies and has good ratings from users.

As we said, Coinbase Encrypted Conscript offers the features of Coinbase exchange, but in addition to these features, you can add or subtract other features to become your favorite clone script. Leave this work to the blockchain development company of your choice and receive your exchange in the shortest possible time.

Coinbase clone script features

Deposit: Security services make payments more secure. This service helps both parties to complete any bitcoin transaction as soon as possible and away from any hacking.

wallet: Localbitcoins Clone Script wallet integrated to hold bitcoins. These wallets allow you to transfer your bitcoins from one wallet to another.

OTC trades: These transactions are a kind of offline exchange. This means that traders trade offline and personally buy and sell bitcoins locally.

Margin Trading: This type of transaction increases trust over time. Its system is based on loans and borrowings.

In such a way that a person lends a certain amount of currency to another person and that person is obliged to return this amount of currency to him, apart from his profit and loss.

Advertising-based business: Traders can easily trade bitcoins by posting ads that contain their trading details. Trading details include the type and price of the currency.

Upcoming trades: In this feature, your users can be more active by guessing future bitcoin prices and increasing their profits.

Integrated chat robot: Provides easy trading for traders with the other party This robot allows traders to talk to each other during the trade.

Digital currency subscription: Users can share their desired currencies and receive rewards in the process.



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