How can you create a Kucoin clone script?

In order to have your favorite exchange, you can use its developed clone script version and this article will help you.

By hasa-mahmo


Kucoin clone script

Kucoin Clone Script is an extended version of Kucoin Exchange and has been developed by designers from various companies to provide all the features of Kucoin as well as additional features.

This crypto script software is sold by Kucoin developers to other related companies and businesses.

It is a ready-made script that supports advanced features and options so that you traders can meet all the trading needs of users and be the best in the digital world.

By purchasing a Kucoin clone script , you can start a secure platform and earn high profits.

Kucoin Exchange Clone Script is recommended for those who are interested in this exchange and its features and want to have a platform like it. In addition, the use of this script is also useful for business men who want to expand their business.

You can develop it yourself and use it, but we have to tell you that you don't need to do this with a lot of time and money, because many designers and developers have already done it for you, just a small version. Pay for it and start your own business.

Once you get your platform, you can customize it and implement your favorite features on it.

This script can meet all your expectations to build a website or software emulated from the main exchange.

As we said, your Kucoin clone script is designed by blockchain development companies. One of these is RadinDev.

Kucoin clone script features

Identification and Verification: All users are identified by the KYC system and receive a confirmation from it to ensure their security.

Wallet: These platforms use several wallets that your users can use to hold their assets.

Payment: In order for users to be able to top up their account whenever they want, these clone scripts have payment methods that make it easy for them to pay.

Two-step authentication: This feature is for added security of users. In this way, it makes no one except the person can log in to his account.

Live chat: Your traders can chat with each other online, and this feature makes it easy for them to talk to the other party even if they do not have the opportunity to make a phone call.

Fiat: In addition to supporting several digital currencies, these exchanges also support Fiat money.

24-hour support: Your users can trade at any time of the day and night and there is no time limit.

Multilingual support: These platforms can support multiple languages ​​and allow your traders to communicate with other traders in their own language.

Escrow: This feature will increase the confidence of your traders. In such a way that the proposal is kept by both parties to reach an agreement.

Show updated prices: Your traders need to see what the price of each currency is in real time so they can decide which currency to buy.

Show Transaction History: Users need us to gain their trust. Gain their trust by showing your trading history.



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