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How to Start your Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Huobi?

Here is a full review of Huobi clone script development. We will find out what Huobi Clone script is, how does it work, and what are its exclusive features.

About Huobi Exchange

Huobi is one of the 'Big Three' exchanges in the world, claiming to have reached a record 380,000 BTC traded daily on February 25, 2014. The company was accused of falsifying trading volumes numerous times, but these claims were never tested. They also own an exchange platform on BitYes, which is focused on international users and offers services in pairs of BTC / USD and LTC / USD.

Huobi has high levels of cyber security to keep your assets and interest safe from theft and loss. When logging in, the exchange requires you to complete two-factor authentication (2FA). This can be reset at any time if needed.

Huobi Statistics:

As of this writing: according to, Huobi has;

· Trading Volume(24h): $14,545,019,685.70

· Avg. Liquidity: 577

· Weekly visits: 1,781,764

· Markets: 1012

· Coins: 356

· Exchange score: 7.6/10

· Rank: 7/10


· High-level cyber security

· Multiple interesting features

· Several platforms and apps

· 24/7 customer service support

· A vast range of cryptocurrencies

· Good liquidity from one of the largest exchanges in the world


· No MetaTrader platforms

· Not open to US customers

· No leverage for new customers

What Is Huobi Clone Script?

When we make a clone Huobi script for you, you acquire the same standard of the quality of design and code that are maintained by Huobi. Furthermore, we can integrate the Huobi script into your existing website or build a new project quickly to save time. As a result, you can launch your project fast with the same functionalities as our Huobi clone script. At Radindev, our team of digital crypto exchange development professionals can assist your vision to build something unique and wish to rely on some proven ideas. Additionally, our experts have sound knowledge of multiple technologies and use them as per your requirements. Making a deal with our team provides you with a high-quality Huobi clone script .

Let's see in detail what the Huobi Clone Script is and how it works.

Features of Huobi Clone Script:

· User friendly Admin panel

· Supports multiple cryptocurrencies tokens

· Margin trading, OTC trading, spot trading

· Limit order, Market order, and Stop order

· Margin trading

· Automatic KYC/AML verifications

· Cryptocurrency wallet integration

· IEO module

· Liquidity API

· Multi-lingual support

· Referral program

· Admin dashboard and user dashboard

· Payment gateway integration

· Site API

· Trade engine

· 24 X 7 Instant live chat system

White Label Huobi Clone Script

White label Huobi Exchange Clone Script is a set of source codes that contains all trading functionalities of the Huobi exchange website. White label Huobi clone script allows you to customize the features according to the current digital trend it allows you to change brand name, logo, theme, design according to your business needs at that moment. White label Huobi clone script enables you to customize the trading features according to the current digital trend.

Security Features of White Label Huobi Clone Script

· HTTPs authentication,

· Biometric authentication,

· Jail login,

· Data encryption,

· Two-factor authentication,

· SQL injection prevention,

· Anti-Denial of Service(DoS),

· Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection,

· Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection,

· Escrow services,

· Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

Huobi Clone App Development

The Huobi Clone App is a ready app that can be accessed through various available platforms of Android, iOS, and windows, through developing scalability. The Huobi Clone App is designed to provide instant push and pop notifications, permitting the user to keep track of his expenses at that moment. Like the Huobi app, have an updated Huobi clone app for your business. Huobi clone app development involves all the essential and updated features along with security updates to make your cryptocurrency exchange business encrypted and secure. Huobi has an app, which means, Trust Wallet, the official crypto wallet app of Huobi, has started support for trading on Huobi, the community-led decentralized exchange built on Huobi Chain.

Features of Huobi Clone App

· Multi-Payment Gateway access.

· Stunning UI/UX design

· Abundant Fiat currency access.

· Versatile Trade modes.

· Forward Transactions

· Easy to use

· Scalability at the Palmtop.

· Network free wallet operations.

· Premium pop-up notification.

· Recurrent upgrades.

· Keeping track of the market.

About Radindev

Radindev has developed some of the best cryptocurrency exchange website clone scripts after years of research and innovation. We also offer custom web development solutions and website cloning services. Our development is highly scalable, robust, and user-friendly and thus gives your clone script (website or mobile app) a very competitive advantage.

Our team of technical experts is one of the highly skilled and experienced people who always take every client requirement as a challenge to provide the best solutions. We never treat our clients as a customer, we treat them as a partner to grow in their business. Which intact proof, Radindev is not only a service provider but a trusted business partner to all our clients.

If you are looking for a white label Huobi cloner with a clean and easy UI, the Radindev web or app can be the best choice for you. Radindev provides all necessary cloning options along with a lightweight web or app design where you can easily navigate.



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