SMAC The Weapon To Turbocharge Today's Business

By Raghu Raji


Technologies play a pivotal role when it comes to charting out business strategies. Currently proliferation in the usage of social media and mobile devices and reliance upon analytics and cloud computing technologies have nudged the IT industry to revamp its business strategy. This lead to the evolution of SMAC.

What is SMAC?

SMAC is an acronym derived by integrating four technologies namely Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud computing. The combined usage of these technologies results in a synergistic impact that catapults your sales productivity and expands your business horizons. Let us explore the contribution of these technologies towards business empowerment individually.

1. Social

Social media has started playing a key role today's business. All top organizations make it mandatory to maintain an official page in networking sites as it is best platform to stay connected with their clients. Organizations post about the latest happenings like new product launch, customer experiences, milestones, awards and so on. In terms of investment (i.e. paid advertising) social media works out to be very more economical and conversion rates are far more better.

2. Mobile

With over 1.2 billion people accessing web from mobiles, it is quite evident that mobile users form a major chunk of client base. Hence it is very important to reach out to mobile users. Making your site responsive will reap rich dividends from a search engine perspective as web crawlers consider the responsivity factor while ranking the pages. Offering services or product purchases through mobiles is sure to enhance your ales revenue. Further building a mobile app improves your brand value and connectivity with customers.

3. Analytics

Today's business are heavily reliant on big data analytics, as it helps to make a thorough analysis of their business on a day to day basis. Analytics data lets you find the number of site visits, new visitors and the bounce rate. Further it helps you assess a visitor's preference and modify your website contents so as to improve your conversion rates. In short, the analytics data indicates the strong and the weak zones of your sites and alerts you to rework on your marketing strategy.

4. Cloud

Cloud computing refers to delivering services over the internet. Cloud lets organizations to provide three types of services namely IAS (Infrastructure As A Service), PAS (Product As A Service) and SAAS (Software As A Service). Moving over to cloud reduces your costs and complexity. Cloud is scalable and hence handling erratic loads is never going to be a problem. Data is more secure as it is present in one central location and so there is no chance of missing any data. In fact, some of the giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook host services on cloud.

SMAC awareness is on the rise and is leveraged by many organizations as it gives a better business edge over their competitors. With world going digital, transforming in to a SMAC company will be the only option to prevail in this competitive business environment.



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