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Can anyone bring some example of businesses using Horizen sidechain? I’m a bit obsessed with real-life applications of the different projects - I think that’s where the true value is💪🏼 I’m super curious because this project looks legit and solid but real use cases speak louder than words. It’d great to hear from the project team or maybe from developers that built on Horizen. The next thing after use cases is, in fact, usability from the developer side - which is a must for adoption. I hope to discuss this with the community!

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Hello Crypto Poppie and thank you for your interest. Sidechains are in Beta version for testnet right now. They should be on mainnet by the end of the year. You can join the adopter program here:

Community and team are testing the sidechains. I don't know what kind of sidechains are developing our community right now, but the Horizen team is working on a car registry, the "Lambo registry" ;-). They will organize a webinar soon and send invitations to HEAP registred.

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