Voting results of the first Jarvis DAO proposals


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🏛 The first proposals of soon-to-be Jarvis DAO, were successfully voted by the Senate.

đŸ“¯ Result: 30% of UMA tokens received by the protocol will be sold for USDC to mint jFiat, which should result in an approximate APY of 60%. Anyone who holds jFiat either in a wallet or in SushiSwap pool will receive a reward.

ℹī¸ Details: The reward will be distributed by the end of the four-week period, starting from 19.03.21 (23:00 GMT). It will be paid in a combination of jFiat and JRT.

📊 Statistics:

  • P 1-1: 108 holders voted with 21.53M JRT
  • P 1-2: 100 holders voted with 18.65 JRT
  • P 1-3: 95 holder voted with 15.15 JRT
  • P 2: 93 holders voted with 18.73M JRT More info:

📍 P.S. The available liquidity on Synthereum allows to mint up to 500k USD worth of synthetic assets.

A new Senate meeting will be held to decide how many JRT should be allocated for this new program.

🛑 Warning: The UI has a limit of 5k USD, if you wish to mint more, contact us to access the UI without a limit.

❗ī¸ Keep in mind that the protocol was audited only once and it does not guarantee 100% safety, only use the money you are ready to lose.


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