Governor's House and voting

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Hi there,

firstly congratz with making PLR into a governance token. It's an exciting milestone and very much in line with what's happening in the decentralized universe.

I'm writing here because I feel a bit confused on Discord and Telegram regarding the voting framework and the Governor's House.


  • where is this chat? Can't see it in Discord
  • where can one see the proposals up for discussion?


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Hey Poppie, thanks for the kind word and for reaching out to us!

To enter the Governors' House chat, you need to go through the registration with the bot in Discord. You can find the complete instructions in the message pinned in the #governance channel:

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Once you enter the Governors' House chat, you will see proposals in the pinned messages. It's a temporary solution as we set up the Governance Forum which will allow for easier access to proposals and more structured discussions around them. This will be followed by the launch of the voting portal, which will let us ratify Governors' votes by signatures.

Join us there and stay tuned!

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