Sprint Review #3 - product update

By Mark Curchin

This is our third Sprint Review ( Sprint Review #2 ) which explains what Amplify team has been working on within the last development iteration. The goal of this iteration was to enable factoring companies to create lending pools and borrow stablecoins from these pools using our invoice tokenization tool.

In short, the following features were introduced (the full video presentation is available below):

Use-caseCompletion status
Create lending poolCompleted ✅
View all lending poolsCompleted ✅
View detailed information about a single poolCompleted ✅
Create loansCompleted ✅
View all created loansCompleted ✅
Borrow stablecoins from a poolIn progress ⏳
Repay loanIn progress ⏳
View all transactions related to a loanIn progress ⏳

Sprint Review video presentation

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