Clearpool Finance

Clearpool Finance

Lend stablecoins to leading institutions & earn attractive risk-adjusted yields

By Mark Curchin

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About Clearpool

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Clearpool is built to address the growing demand for unsecured liquidity in the DeFi market. Clearpool solves the problem of over-collateralization - a significant pain point for institutional borrowers in DeFi but also includes yield-earning opportunities for all types of lenders. Clearpool opens the doors to the credit market, which has traditionally been closed to retail investors, and gives institutional borrowers direct access to a diversified and decentralized network of lenders.

Investors Backing Clearpool

  • Arrington XRP Capital - Thesis-driven firm investing in digital assets and web3
  • GBV Capital - Investing and building the future through blockchain technology
  • HashKey Capital - To build and to invest in world-class financial technology
  • Sequoia Capital - We help the daring build legendary companies
  • Sino Global Capital - Accelerating the Blockchain Revolution
  • Wintermute - Creating liquid and efficient markets in crypto

Holdex x Clearpool

With the help of the Holdex team, Clearpool has expanded on its multitude of financial instruments for institutional borrowers, introducing products like Clearpool Prime and Term Pools. Prime enables borrowers to work directly with KYC/AML-compliant institutional lenders. In contrast, Term Pools would allow borrowers to lock lender liquidity for a fixed time in exchange for more rewards.

Holdex’s duty was to develop smart contracts and engineer a Dapp that would satisfy the UX/UI requirements of the DeFi institutions. Solidity was selected as the technology for smart contracts since the product was launched on all significant EVM networks. For the Dapps, our engineering team went with Svelte.

Clearpool Permissionless, Clearpool Prime, Term Pools, and Bridge are available on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, zkEVM, and Optimism.

We proudly claim that all our developed smart contracts have been audited by leading companies like Hacken, CertiK, and Pessimistic with a successful result of 100% contract coverage and 0 Critical, Major, or Medium issues.

While Clearpool Prime was a completely independent product, the most critical Term Pool requirement was the DeFi composability and complete connection with the existing Permissionless protocol. Thankfully, upgradable smart contracts enabled us to modify existing functionality to work with the Term Pool smart contracts. During the process, the original Dapp was built from the ground up on Svelte, enabling us to easily use a shared component library between all Clearpool products.

As part of architecture design and whitepaper design services , our team has prepared a comprehensive user guide for Clearpool Prime protocol and co-authored the Clearpool Prime whitepaper and Term Pools whitepaper .

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