We provide bespoke solutions to help your company address all the biggest challenges in web3

By Mark Curchin

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With our proven track record of over $900M in portfolio companies, we assist Web3 innovators in tackling the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Product Strategy

By leveraging our expertise, we provide actionable reports and recommendations to increase the chance of the product-market fit and minimize the overuse of resources.

Our guidance process has three main steps:

  • assessment of your current digital business and the looking forward mission
  • definition of product portfolio and the roadmap
  • planning of optimal product and marketing execution

The goal is to help you make informed decisions, align your product with the market, and maximize the impact in the Web3 landscape.

Product Design and Development

The decades of hands-on experience enable our team to design and build user-friendly and visually appealing decentralized applications. With a deep understanding of the market and blockchain technology, we prioritize usability, security, and industry best practices.

At Holdex, we cover everything from:

  • technical whitepaper and tokenomics research,
  • tokens launch and complex smart contract development
  • dApp and deep infrastructure projects development

We can empower your business with cutting-edge solutions without security compromises.

Project Management

If you already have a product team and you are looking for a better way to manage the development process, we can help here. We deeply understand project lifecycles and we employ effective strategies for successful project execution.

We make the production process more efficient and predictable.

In practice, we help to plan, organize, and control all project development aspects (scope, budget, resources, and timelines).

Through strong communication, we can ensure seamless collaboration among all team members and stakeholders.

We can ensure the delivery of the product within the budget while exceeding your expectations.

Security Audit

We provide a comprehensive security audit that brings peace of mind in today's ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

We analyze your infrastructure, architecture, and codebase using the best methodologies and practices. We provide actionable recommendations and conduct testing to mitigate risks and enhance your system's resilience.

With our commitment to top-notch security, we help safeguard your digital assets and defend against potential breaches.

Team Building and Hiring

If you are building your product team from scratch or expanding the existing one, we can match you with vetted talent that adds value to your vision. Our pool of skilled professionals is familiar with Web3 technologies, decentralized ecosystems, and best practices.

Holdex HR service can streamline your recruitment process so you can focus on the business!

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