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By Vadim

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Believing in the companies of the future and their founders has always been challenging, especially within the emerging market of decentralized applications. At Holdex , we strive to be the first true believers in the founders of tomorrow when others still need to understand them.

The startups who have partnered with us recognize the positive impact of leveraging our talent pool, strong execution and domain expertise, and extensive network of strategic partners.

We proudly support like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the decentralized future and route them to the best opportunities.

What We Bring

Our recipe for building game-changing Web3 projects revolves around our experience and the approach we take. Every startup is unique, and there's no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method. However, this is what you can expect from us:

  1. Validate business opportunity
  2. Unparalleled expertise and talent in building and launching
  3. Introductions to strategic partners and investors
  4. Free access to all Startup Perks

We are committed to a selected number of founders and are actively using our network to help them evolve. Some of the startups we partnered with became very noticeable and well-recognized in their category.

To learn more, discover our services .

What We Are Looking For

Many great companies have reached out to us. Yet, unfortunately, we have had to turn down quite a number of them. We aim to have a very pragmatic approach with core selection-related principles.

Here’s a hint on what we pay attention to when looking for a partnership.

Problem-Solution Equilibrium

There are many problems in the world. There could be even more solutions to these problems.

Some problems are real. Some problems are fake or just not painful enough.

We choose real and painful problems with the most simple and reliable solutions.

Convincing Teams

Every team is different, with its own background story and advantages. But we trust just a few personal and collective indicators when it comes down to the winning startup teams. These leading indicators are:

  1. mission and team values
  2. track record of making things happen
  3. domain experience and ability to fail and recover very quickly.

What We Are Skeptical Of

“Skeptical” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to us. It's about those ideas that don't solve the problem behind them.

We recommend giving your product a non-biased examination. So that when we ask about the problem you are solving, you are ready to provide a simple answer .

If your customer’s problem is mild or infrequent, the probability that such an idea will succeed is low. The main red flags are:

  1. Ideas that don’t benefit from blockchain technology
  2. Big vision without a practical plan
  3. Tokens that don’t have real utility

Blockchain, for the sake of blockchain, isn't going to work. It can make things even worse for the user. Founders with big visions are always inspiring, but more is needed to succeed. Great founders are known for having an ambitious and realistic plan when the next milestone is achieved step-by-step .

Giving out tokens to people doesn’t just come with a desire to buy them.

If your customers don’t see the real utility in your token, it will also be hard for us to do so. It should be easy for everyone to understand where the value comes from.

Our doors will remain open if we don't choose you or you choose not to partner with us. So, when you have another great idea, we’ll happily hear from you again!

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