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Let Holdex help to streamline your global workforce relationships

In a rapidly evolving landscape of remote work, Web3 companies face mounting challenges in hiring and maintaining a global workforce. Why waste time and money on candidates who aren’t fit for your company? Let Holdex match you with vetted talent that can provide value to your vision.

Lightning fast match

No need to pay for posts on the job boards. No need to review fake resumes or test candidates skills. Share your product needs, and in 48 hours, we’ll match you with already reviewed, personally tested professionals hand-picked for you and your company culture.

Hassle free payroll

By leveraging blockchain smart-contracts, experience the advantages of a new era in payroll management. Holdex offers organizations the playground to effortlessly create commercial contracts tailored to each employee, securely locking funds on the blockchain. Payments are released according to predetermined schedules, providing peace of mind for both parties. Trustless verification and transparency ensure a seamless payroll process, eliminating unnecessary fees and delays.

Flexible & resilient

In the event of a relationship ceasing to exist, you can immediately halt payments and swap candidates offering unmatched agility. Embrace a progressive approach to hiring and retaining talent, outperforming competitors and tapping into a globally distributed workforce.

Join the future of work relationships with Holdex

Revolutionize your hiring practices, reduce costs, and regain confidence in remote talent. Explore the potential of blockchain technology and smart contracts, empowering your organization to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Get started today and unlock a new era of decentralized work relationships.

Wondering how it works?

Check out our product and business model whitepaper that decomposes on current market problems, covers the benefits for Web3 enterprise and talent, and provides insights on the costs of running the services with Holdex.

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