Our Principles

We don’t violate our principles but we are open to discovering better ways to improve

As part of our team, it's essential to align yourself with these principles.

✨ Our Principles

  1. We align with the goals and execute them. Goals are the big picture we always keep in our heads. They are propelling our mission further. To achieve the goals, we decompose them into smaller problem statements.
  2. We act as leaders and co-own the product. We define the work backlog ourselves, and no manager feeds us tasks. We take responsibility for solving the problems.
  3. We are agile and deliver new increments daily. We decompose big problems into smaller ones, so we can complete them in not more than 4 hours.
  4. We value our time. We have only one meeting with the team per week - that simple. We all work autonomously, communicate asynchronously, and collaborate ad hoc. Once a week, we demo what we’ve accomplished.
  5. We wear many hats. We code, design, test, write articles, and hack things on Fridays because we love it. We’re here to build great products with like-minded people.
  6. We figure things out ourselves. We learn terminology, read documentation, watch tutorials, or ask for information to learn from ourselves.

DOs and DON'Ts

✅ Do’s❌ Don’t
Focus on what matters. Do the right thing.Work on problems that don’t bring value to our goals.
Take ownership of the problem you are solving.Run from responsibility.If you are running away, tell others about it and explain your difficulties.
Put yourself in the user's shoes. Make sure you create things, not break them. Test your work well before claiming it’s complete.Expect someone to test your work.
Before switching off, leave updates where you left off so others can pick it up.Blackout and expect someone to chase you.

🕑 Availability Time

Most of the team members are remote. However, we expect everyone to overlap work hours between 2-6 PM HKT daily.

🧰 Our Tools

When you start working with us, please ensure you have accounts and access to the following tools.

Github Task management, source code storage, collaboration. Read our practice on how we use GitHub .
Whimsical Wireframing
Figma Final designs
Calendar Plan and book meetings
Google Chat Discuss urgent or private matters.

📖 Guides

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