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What blockchain startups we want to accelerate at Holdex and why to apply for it


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Important: want to apply with your own project? Please submit your application here .


Believing in the companies of the future and their founders has always been hard, especially within the emerging market of blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency. We strive to be the first true believers in the founders of tomorrow when others do not understand them yet. We are proud to present these founders and route them to the best opportunities. Those who partnered with us have recognized the impact of leveraging our blockchain expertise, strategic partners and industry experts network.

What is Holdex

Holdex is on the mission to accelerate development and adoption of blockchain technology as part of the decentralized future. By accelerating promising projects in crypto space, we support their founders by bringing true value, developing long-term partnerships and helping them grow. With a leadership team that has decades of investment and trading experience and strong business execution, we are committed to the success of startups we accelerate .

Selected founders whom we partnered with, have acknowledged a powerful impact and advantages we unlock through our network. The main values Holdex adds to blockchain startups are:

  • Co-creating and advising
  • Connecting with the right partners and providers, including VCs
  • Helping with secondary market creation and liquidity provision

We are committed just to a selected number of founders and are actively using our network to help them evolve. Most of the startups that we have been engaged with are still operating and some of them became very noticeable and well recognised in the category. You can have a look at the list of our latest blockchain projects that we accelerated.

What we are looking for

There are many great companies that reached out to us. We would like to invest in most of them by ourselves. Yet, we had to turn down quite a number of startups we wished to accelerate and that is really a heartbreaking thing to do. We aim to have a very pragmatic approach with core selection related principles. Don’t be upset and discouraged, if you were not accepted the last time you have applied. Remember, no investor knows your product potential better than you are. Keep pushing and apply again in the future. We’ll be happy to admit our mistakes and bow our heads to an awesome product your team created.

We review each and every application. Here’s a hint on what we pay attention to:

  1. Founders with a proven history that have built successful products or services before. They can bring valuable experience and the right mindset to the whole team.
  2. Teams solving real problems . We have no interest in crypto for the sake of crypto. We want teams that expand the way everyone thinks can be done by blockchain technology.
  3. Full-time committed teams that keep creating and have technical skills . We ourselves, as well as our investor network, are looking for founders who believe in their idea deep to the bone. And the most important thing for them is to spend time developing their product into a success.
  4. Practical plans and roadmap . This is about teams who have strategic thinking. Those who start small, experiment, build an MVP, pivot and find ways to do more with less effort.

What we are skeptical of

“Skeptical” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply, it’s just about those ideas which would hardly convince us and our investors network. We recommend giving your product a non-biased examination so that you can be prepared when we ask about a problem you are trying to solve. If your customer doesn’t have pain points, if it’s a mild or infrequent problem, the probability is too high that such a startup isn’t going to succeed. Main red flags:

  1. Projects or ideas that don’t benefit from the value the blockchain technology offers . Not all the problems are solved through blockchain. Blockchain for the sake of blockchain isn’t going to work, it can make things even worse for the customer.
  2. Big vision without a practical plan . Founders with big visions are always inspiring but just to believe is not enough to succeed. Great founders are known for having an ambitious and realistic plan when the next milestone is achieved step-by-step.
  3. Tokens that don’t have real utility value and demand users to buy them. Giving out tokens to people doesn’t just come with a desire to buy them. If your customers don’t see the real utility in your token, it will also be hard for us to do it. It should be easy for everyone to understand where the value comes from.

Community & network

If you are in ideation or already building an MVP, it’s always a good idea to find people who think alike. The community around Holdex is made up of founders from all across the globe and over 100,000 individuals with a wide array of skills and connections. You never know whom you can find, your first customers, supporters or even new talent, happy to give you a helping hand and join the team.

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What is the process

The application process is very straight forward, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Apply with your idea and wait for our feedback and intructions;
  2. Follow our instructions to get the value you are looking for.

You don’t need to worry about connecting with the right partner or person. When you complete the application, you already get noticed. All you need is to have a compelling deck that will help us understand your product.

If we don’t choose you or you choose not to partner with us, our doors will still remain open for you. So, when you have another great idea, or you believe our network to be valuable for you, we’ll be happy to hear from you again!



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